It has been perceived in the history of mankind that being the proud owner of a long penis put any man in a privileged position. This prized possession has single-handedly built a sense of grandeur amongst men in our society. One could almost say this one attribute overshadows several social status indicators such as power, money, and materials which normally give men leverage over another. But, contrary to popular belief, there are advantages and disadvantage to having a long penis. The Appeal Factor Advantage: From a sexual perspective, there are many of you who favor the potential enjoyment of a long penis. There are manyRead More →

The question is, how do you win when your opponents legs are just too dang long. Well, I’m actually 6′ 3″ and I can tell you first hand what scores on me and what doesn’t. Most of my Taekwondo fights have been against opponents either my size or shorter. Even at nationals, the heavy weight division has several 6 foot guys weighing around 200. Whenever I would attend smaller tournaments, that’s when I was paired up with the 5′ 8″ or 5′ 10″ guys. I hated it. I actually shouldn’t be so quick to say I hated it. I hated it when they knew whatRead More →