242 RSW Win $150 Handmade Item for a $1 pledge on Patreon

242 RSW Win $150 Handmade Item for a $1 pledge on Patreon

Watch this video to learn more about our 1ST Ever giveaway here on the RSW Channel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rosastringworks.



  1. Okay – another guess: a wooden mannequin – a guy in a tuxedo with his hand outstretched, like a Butler – holding your guitar for you. A REALLY FANCY guitar stand… goes by the name of "Jeeves". :0)

  2. Just became a supporter, not because of the give away, but because I think it is a worthwhile thing to do.

  3. Sorry Jerry, it's not a give-away if there's money involved and we're done, unsubed

  4. Lemme guess: a Ticonderoga Capo? (you know, a yellow number 2 pencil and a big rubber band!) – :0)

  5. Hi jerry i worked out what the item is but will not say.

  6. For a 159.99 Patreon Pledge I am sure he would sell you a custom made RSW wooden wedge, from the rubber maid shelf container, with certificate of authenticity………lol . Don't delay Buy Today, he needs funding to keep making great vids lol.

  7. Hey Jerry, I don't see any link to Patreon on this page. I'm already a supporter but shouldn't there be a link?

  8. Jerry…how does one get into this patrion thing?  I was waiting for the procedure to be described.  Thanks

  9. There's obviously something going on on Youtube.  Will Gelvin has more or less moved to Patreon  for the same or similar reasons.  He said Youtube have been 'demoneytizing' his channels, and his income has dropped to $10 a day with, 90,000 subscribers.  Looks to me like they are getting greedier!

  10. Patrons only sucks if i gave $1 to every channel that i watch asked for it id make a car payment in a years time.and some like myself are on a very small limited income. No thx to disability.so $1 mite not sound like much but multiply it bo 20 or 30.

  11. I think putting there name in once for every month is the farest way to do it😉.good luck with it buddy.

  12. You are a superb craftsman as we can see by your videos, and I think anyone watching your channel, including myself, would love to have something made by you. I also see nothing wrong with providing some financial support if one is able too and getting a perk in doing so is just a bonus in my opinion. Thank you Jerry for the chance. You have a thumbs up from me.

  13. I would like to join and support you, but unfortunately my financial situation won't give me that freedom.
    Still enjoying your videos though!

  14. Hi Jerry
    U ok Sir?
    U r looking quite tired!! Slow down, man!!
    The World needs g8t craftmans like urself abt!!

  15. ur changing your mind. I remember the time you where not intetested in patrion, ya just took a try
    Now you separate youtubers from patrions.
    Up to you

  16. All of my favorite channels are moving to patreon. I simply can't afford to support all of them on patreon. Most don't offer anything for under 10$ a month. I am currently on a 3 pledge for a lot of them and I don't get anything from that. I'm doing it just for support ATM. I don't think I will be able to keep up forever though. Thanks for the great videos Jerry and good luck to the patreon supporters in this contest.

  17. I love your channel I love repairing insrtaments especially Guitars, I will sign up as a patreon but I dont think it is fair that because I just found your channel that I should have less of a chance of Winning. What incentive does that give to be a patreon? Dont you want to grow this with the giveaway? Great Job on the Channel content.

  18. I bet it would be a Bridge Pin! Isn’t it?

    To see a new video and how you work it out are already a give away from you.

    Thanks for many great vids anyway! 😉👍🏻

  19. October 2nd would be a better date. It's my birthday 🙂 and means that I must win 🙂

  20. I like it when people talk out loud. It's hard to hear them when they're not.

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