Carhartt Handmade Films | Jason Momoa | Canvas of My Life

Carhartt Handmade Films | Jason Momoa | Canvas of My Life

Long before Hollywood got ahold of Jason Momoa and turned him into a savage warlord and our latest superhero, he was just a kid who grew up the son of an …



  1. I cannot count how many times I have watched this video. Jason Momoa, you are such an inspiration, role model…a man's man. Thank you for entertaining us throughout the years. Great work Carhartt. Love the background music also.

  2. What’s the name of the song too this video I’ve been looking for it every where. This music helps me with my PTSD. Please help.

  3. It's a manipulative commercial–not a film. It's an advertisement for a clothing line in which he uses the images of his own children, along with much shirtless modelling to help market and sell a product. Many people cannot see through this seductive smoke screen. Fatherhood is sacred, and should not be for sale. Don't buy it. Go out and get the real thing. Better yet, go out and be the real thing. Also, Carhartt does actually make some damn fine durable clothing. Truth.

  4. You got me! At the end of the day, it's a commercial for Carhartt. So funny. That kind of stabbed me in my heart 'cause my heart was open from what he was saying. On the other hand, how many people get to make a movie?

  5. It's sad this is unlisted, it's beautiful, I hope you don't remove it all together.

  6. such an amazing video, and such a beautiful family. From one papa bear to another, keep doing what you're doing bruddah. The greatest adventure we ever take is the adventure of being a parent……live like its the last day….keep painting that wonderful canvas. You're in inspirational man Jason. Mahalo nui loa for all that you do.

    Carhartt? best clothing I've ever owned. Mahalo

    Papa to baby bear, sweet Honu, and my little Mano.

    Now I just need to finish building my backyard to look like that! Halfpipe and Rockwall? I'm in!

  7. What an awesome guy, and he will always be the center of those kids' universe.

  8. Now where on God's spinning planet can I find me a Jason Momoa please? Thanks for the help.

  9. beautiful and inspiring story – love your version of fatherhood ! wish all parents would put their kids devices aside and had their kids learn what you are teaching yours.

  10. Just bought my own pair of Carhartt pants today, loving them already and expect them to last me through to my last days. Love your wares Carhartt, there is truth to your commercials, which is a rare thing!

  11. This was so moving for me. Tears are running down my face. I am an artist, mother, and wife, living in a rural area where Carhartt is a staple. Part of my soul heard his words and lit up with understanding and recognition. What a gorgeous piece from a talented person. Thank you Carhartt, and thank you, Jason, for sharing your inner self.

  12. So that's what Aquaman looks like without the tattoos.
    Jason Mamoa is awesome. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  13. I love this. I love how he's teaching his kids about his life, nature and the world the way he sees it. He's teaching them not only about themselves but also about the family history and also how to see, feel, and hear the world around them. He's teaching them how to trust their mind and body. What and how he has taught his children, reminds me of my Grandfather. My Grandfather did things like that all time with me. My Grandfather passed away in 2006, and I miss him. I miss hearing him sharing his stories and teaching me things. But I know he is always in my heart and that his legacy lives on with me and all that I do.

  14. Has anyone of you realized that he tells you exactly what he is, an actor.  All of this was scripted and acted.  Learn to think for yourselves and not be manipulated so easily.

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