Custom-Made High Heels

Custom-Made High Heels

Marcell Mrsan artist hand-makes custom shoes of every kind. Watching him make this pair of high heels is simply fascinating. The INSIDER team believes that …



  1. Can you start making 10.5 medium woman shoes, as well as narrow, and wide for others? All styles, and let them be put out in the stores? It's so hard for me to walk in the store to buy shoes because of my shoe size.

  2. hi guys, I'm looking for a person who can help covering my shoes. please help. I'm in south Africa😘

  3. I love to make my own things a lot…. And learning these things helps me a lot… So thank u so much

  4. As a footwear designer i would love to learn your skill set! I graduated from SCAD. Good ole Savannah.😎

  5. Cod we change the height of the heels n make them smaller as I m scared to walk on high heels thx

  6. That is truly fascinating. Me wearing a size 12 -13 women's can be very frustrating and hard to find. I wonder if he makes larger sizes for us tall Amazon girls? 👠👠👡👡

  7. I actually cant make shoes but i have always wanted to own a shoe line.. any help?

  8. As I started watching the video I realised that he was Hungarian but until the sentence about Érd I had no proof!

    Jó hülye vagyok!

  9. the hell. I live in Érd too. I've never been this suprised. xD

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