Handmade Chocolates Part 2/2

Handmade Chocolates Part 2/2

This video demonstrates how to make variety of chocolate garnishes such as chocolate cigars, butterflies and spring. It also help you learn how to make …



  1. The video is very poor not clear at all and full of shadows and disturbances…It could have been better with proper lighting's..etc…
    Who ever sees this in this end up with a headache…

  2. I admire Chef Lloyd for not smacking every single one of those girls around the face with a chocolate-covered spatula

  3. This two videos is the poorest show of artisan chocolatiery presentation I ever seen. This CHEF (because this is no chocolatier) have minimal knowledge of chocolate making, with few techniques he show it looks like he knows what he doing but as far as I can see don't.I f you are interested in chocolate making you better try some video from these people
    William Curley
    Paul Wayne gregory
    Willie Harcourt-Cooze
    Bill McCarrick
    Damian Allsop
    Marc Demarquette
    Jean-Michel Carre
    or other professional

  4. thanks a lot veena for sharing, both of your handmade chocolates part 1 and part 2 was awesome. i never knew that you can use butter paper as a piping tube.

  5. thank you. the coat was of chocolate, you can get the ingredients list on part 1 video. hope this helps.

  6. nice video, but what was it actually made of? chocolate? was that the second coat?

  7. this video was a complete mess,bad lighting and no introduction on what he was doing then and there. Like truffles or some chocolate shaped rings…im confused.

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