Holland Handmade – Episode 49 … January 2018

Holland Handmade – Episode 49 … January 2018

Happy New Year, my friends! Thank you for watching! Below are a few links to patterns, shops, etc.: Nikki Slipp … mini skeins: …



  1. I have to say that I think you hair looks REALLY CUTE all curly and down. Super healthy. Curls are IN!

  2. The volume is so low on this podcast I can hardly hear it. Hope you have a great crafting week. Sorry you didn't like your haircut, but it is a blessing to have the hair you have.Your crochet blankets are lovely !

  3. It was so very nice to catch this episode almost as soon as you published it! The new intro of you getting ready to record was wonderful. (I actually watched it twice because it was so nice and peaceful.) Your scrap blanket is lovely as is the scrap scarf. Those little scallops would bother me as well, but they are very “regular” in their spacing and I’d probably wait until I give the scarf its first washing before trying to block them out. The colors of yarn that you dyed are gorgeous! Good luck on all your new adventures in 2018. Salam wa sa’aadah

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