After this first appearance, false eyelashes were used to add mystery and appeal to history's largest names in the movie industry. They made available to the public in the 1940s and by the time 1960's came, strip eyelashes gained even more popularity, thanks to model Twiggy, who always graced events and pictures with "dark eyes." Fast forward to our current times and practically everyone wears them. The only difference is what's used are full or strip lashes that are made from synthetic fiber or real human hair. Obviously, these are made to make them look more natural but there are others which require materials thatRead More →

Do you tend to look down instead of up? Are you wading in a stream of mud wishing you were someone else or that you had more beautiful or were more handsome? Time to look up to the sky and see the potential for you to be happy that is already there! There is a made for TV movie about a man that varies people to write letters of encouragement to. He is an older man and focuses not on his health limitations or lack of money but decides to spend his extra time and energy on writing letters. It is amazing to watch whatRead More →